Winter can be rough on your home. Once the snow and ice clears, it’s important to do some basic spring house maintenance to make sure everything is ship-shape. Doing it now means catching those small problems before they become major (expensive) issues.

Check out these 10 essential spring home maintenance tips:

Carefully examine your roof shingles.

Are any missing? Damaged? High winds and winter weather conditions can wreak havoc on your roof. Have these replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage. If your roof is over 20 years old, it may time to have a whole new one. Start setting aside money for this now.

Check your gutters.

Are any loose or damaged or filled with debris? Ensure that they are secure and leading water away from your foundation to avoid any flooding in your basement or crawl space.

Look over your chimney for any damage.

Have it checked and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep.

Examine any concrete slabs for cracks or other problems.

On a nice day, clean it well with a pressure washer, let dry thoroughly, and use concrete crack filler to make your repairs. Once completely dry and cured, seal the concrete to help protect against further issues.

Check your garden hoses and outdoor faucets for damage.

Turn the water to your outdoor faucets back on and check to ensure that it is flowing properly without any leaks.

Check over your HVAC system.

Have your air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced. Replace the air filter in your home.

Look over all of your outdoor and gardening equipment.

Clean, oil, and service as needed and have the blades sharpened so you’re ready for spring and summer gardening.

Check over your window screens.

Repair or replace as needed and give them all a good cleaning.

Show your gas grill some love.

If you haven’t used your gas BBQ over the winter, be sure to examine the burner jets for any clogs that need to be cleaned out before you use it. Also, ensure that gas hoses and the connections are nice and tight.

Prepare your lawn and garden.

Cover garden soil with compost and mix in. Check your lawn for any damaged areas. Reseed where needed. Aerate your lawn to prepare it for spring and summer growth.

With a little bit of preventative home maintenance now, you can enjoy a carefree spring and summer in your home and garden!