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How did a Pennsylvania Yankee end up in East Tennessee? My husband’s father and sister were transferred to East TN with Magnavox in the early 80’s. My husband and I finished pharmacy school (how many realtors do you know who are pharmacists??), spent a few years in New York, and finally one very cold, wintry morning while shoveling 2 feet of snow out of our driveway so we could go to work, my husband turned to me and said “Let’s get out of here”. I thought he meant out of the driveway but he meant out of New York. I asked “Where will we go” and he said “Tennessee”. That was the winter of 1990. By the time we sold our house and I finished my MBA–he moved here in October 1991 and I followed in February 1992. I wish we had come sooner!! I love the weather, the scenic beauty of the lakes and mountains, and the friendly people. There is a plaque hanging over my kitchen window that says, “I wasn’t born in the South, but I got here as quick as I could”. That pretty much sums it up.

Married? Yes, for 31 years as of Valentine’s Day 2017 and counting. And I have a wonderful 23 year old daughter, Alison, who is working on her master’s degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. It has been challenging but very rewarding–maintaining a marriage, raising a daughter, building my businesses, graduate school, advanced real estate education,….My husband has always been very supportive and pretty much lets me be me and my daughter is a good student and very responsible.

Favorite Pastimes? I love to cook, read, yoga, weight training and cardio exercise.  I have been practicing yoga for 8 years and I finished my 200 hour yoga teacher certification in May 2015.  Yoga and working with a personal trainer has made me stronger, more flexible, calmer, and healthier than I have ever been in my life.  Nothing makes me happier than to cook a big meal for a bunch of friends or family members, make a big mess in the kitchen, and then let my husband clean it up! I love to bake also and I am usually the first name on the list for anything that involves food–funeral receptions, church ministries, sports teams, bake sales,–you name it, if it involves food, I am your girl!!

What do I love about East Tennessee? The beauty of the area–Morristown is sandwiched between (2) very large lakes–Cherokee Lake to the north and Douglas Lake to the south. The Great Smoky Mountains are to the south–I see them everyday! We have the four seasons but what I love about it the most is they are not severe and my favorite seasons–spring, summer, and fall–are longer. The mountains in the fall are breathtaking! People are wonderful and friendly–life revolves around the family and church and moves at a much slower pace. When there is tragedy, people rally around you and do whatever they can to help. They are also there in your moments of triumph. It is a wonderful area to raise a family and an even better place to retire.

How did I get into Real Estate? A Leap of Faith…the agent who sold us our home in Morristown back in 1995 became a very good friend (he and my husband love golf!). One night while having dinner with the agent, his wife, and several other friends, I was telling the group I had been offered a really good job in Kansas–managing pharmacy services for several nursing homes (previous career–BS Pharmacy, MBA, Certified Pharmacist Consultant in Geriatrics–you get the picture!). Anyway, he asked me if we really wanted to move to Kansas. We, of course, said no–we love East Tennessee. He then proceeded to tell me about his assistant’s upcoming move to Texas and told me “Why don’t you get your license, come to work with me for a while as my assistant, and when you feel comfortable, go out on your own”. My husband was all for it, I thought I had lost my mind–especially when I called to turn down the job offer in Kansas. My parents even came down to visit because they knew I was struggling with my decision. Something my dad said to me has stuck with me–“Your plan B is better than most people’s plan A”. I lasted 5 months as his assistant and then went on my own as a full Re/Max agent–anyone who knows me would tell you I am not assistant material!! Real estate was the best thing I could have done with my life. It suits my personality, my Type-A, anal-retentive, control freak personality that is! I have never regretted my decision–I was meant to do this, my destiny. I still get excited when someone calls me to sell their home and I love negotiating contracts. And the possibilities are endless in real estate plus by investing in it, you can build WEALTH!!

I have a full-time and one part-time employee helping me run Executive Places, GP and Collegewood Apartments, Inc. so I can concentrate on listing and selling residential/commercial real estate and growing my commercial leasing/management business.